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Aljaber Watches » Armand Nicolet Poses Group Of New Royal ARC
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Armand Nicolet Poses Group Of New Royal ARC

History of Armand Nicolet watches return back to 1875 in Termalan, Armand son watchmaker was nimble in created and went ahead with the founding of the workshop has its own watch industries and then generations of family Nicolet inherited Business Administration until 1987 when the company combine with Roland Berga Italian businessman to this union to act as new era of strategic cooperation, which combine Swiss extraordinary technical skills of Armand Nicolet and the Italian quality and creativity

Group “ARC” of Nicolet

The new collection of Armand Nicolet Watches of the most successful categories of the group as it combines between top of elegance and comfort and it is reflected clearly in the body of the enclosure, which is designed to add extra convenience to the wrist.

And the top of elegance completed in the dial of watch where the Romanian figures shoe clearly and order structural add type of heritage and technology, Dar Mand Nicolet has carved its efforts in the development of the technical details and watch is available in triplicate more creative, this is classical stainless steel and black DLC entire and third version that is combined the both.

The watches are available for the complexities of the vulnerability of the functions of the day and date for a full calendar and either tray of watch is stainless steel 316L and it vibrant with mechanical movement and the ability of reserve backup powered up 36 hours, also watch is equipped with Alcaliber AN2846-9 and Kongrav AN K hlh 2045/2872 and the bracelet is from the crocodile skin and rubber is also available from steel 316L and has the ability to resist water pressure to a depth of 50 m below sea level.