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Doxa News

Dar Swiss Doxa revealed the latest creations by launching a new group of watches Doxa Tlmitr at exhibition Basel and World Watch and Jewelry 2016 to write this new page of success and innovation in the history of well-known brand.

Doxa has a rich history and a long from the world of luxury watches, where began its story in 1889 by its founder Georgios Dokmon and Since that time, Doxa has become a household name and a pioneer in Switzerland and abroad because of the pioneering spirit, the inventions, represented artistic revolution at the age, since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Dar Doxa continues every year in the launch of exciting new watches of interesting blend of the past fragrant of Dar and contemporary trends in design.

Doxa watches manufactured with the utmost precision and passion and take care of every detail with the inspiration last spirit and keep traditions with a look to the future Doxa watches is always working to create future trends and successful plans, in order to provide an watch every woman loves excellence, as well as a successful man looking for elegance as well as with youth through sports Models.

Doxa Thlmytr

It was developed in 1939 as an ideal model of emotion Dar Doxa which combines precision and elegance to eventually form unique watches of its kind and Doxa watches sporting events, it often participated in sports competitions for being a unique way to adjust the time measurements.

Krongraf Tlmitr was launched in 1939 after fifty years of the founding of Georgios Dokmon of Dar Doxa then it was redesigned after that to collect it between thoroughbreds Historical values and accuracy of modern industry.

Doxa Tilmatr characterized by being unique and new group in a tray of stainless steel and a tray of yellow gold PVD fit any wrist and also it provide with Korats movement Swiss system of high-quality and crystal of Alsafar and bracelet of original natural leather.

Krongraf Thlmytr allowed to opportunity to measure the distances traveled by the user of the places and events that can be heard or seen by using the speed of sound.

Doxa Thlmytr watches comes at tray with a diameter of 24 cm of yellow gold and also has been provided with Korats movement Swiss system of Rwanda and property water pressure resistant to a depth of 50 m below sea level in addition to the availability of Tlamutair and Tatchmidtr properties.