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Hysek Swiss Poses Watches of Furtif Skeleton Tourbillon

The idea of ​​ Hysek watches relying on high privacy and quality infinite for the details of watches, making it the focus of attention of lovers of beauty and scintillating, over the past three years, the leading brand Hysek evolved remarkably both in terms of the mechanism of movement and design or the techniques used and as a result Hysek has become one of the main key players in the sector watches around the world based on the distinctive and upscale innovations.

In general watches Hysek characterized as unique in all that it poses from lines and a formation, making it enriches the sector watches by luxury classy products, Hysek has provided to its customers a variety of configurations over the past years, including the group IO Skeleton and a group Verdict Skeleton Double Tourbillon.

Hysek Swiss recently revealed the latest modified innovations of the furtif Skeleton Tourbillon group on the sidelines of the Basel and World of Watch and Jewelry, Where the first model of the Skeleton Tourbillon appeared in 2008.

Watch design is entirely new has been providing technology Alcaliber movement HW15, which has been completely manufactured by the company’s own laboratories to ensure compliance with specifications and quality standards, Enterprise poses a limited number of this version is only 30 watches until the client feels the utmost excellence.

The watch square tray designed with two different options, first it is framed by pink gold and the other is made of titanium black purify PVD, tray with diameter 44 individually containing 28 pieces and the watch provided a number of new technologies that make them superior than that of international brands, the watches provide with the new technology, the balance in the form of “Silicon Flying Tourbillon” or Tourbillon pilot and barrel unable to save energy up to 48 hours and is able to resist the pressure of water to a depth of 30 m below sea level. The watch is available in a bracelet of natural crocodile skin.

Furtif Skeleton Tourbillon watches have been fully implemented and manufactured at Private Hysek Foundation laboratory in step that reflects the keenness of World Foundation to provide the best products, this watch contains Alcaliber with square form and it is provided by energy manually and the system of movement show Functions hours, minutes and contains 172 part and 17 jewelry pieces.

Foundation chose on Furtif which means charming in French because it is flashy beauty and gorgeous appearance.