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Aljaber Watches » Arab Figures and Other Drawings Of Rose
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Arab Figures and Other Drawings Of Rose

Al Jaber watches exclusive agent for Magellan watches poses in a wide variety of the latest version of Magellan, including new model show the first time Arabic numbers which makes them increasingly glamorous and beautiful as well as the last model came decree attic fantastic Rod add to it more scintillating and attractions.

And, the successes year is following year after year to become Magellan hours afterward leading brand in the world of watchmaking, With beginnings in 2010 Magellan has been sold to Mario J. Narjy expert and specialist in the watch industry and have won a successes and Magellan watches presented in a new concept and it appeared on the market in exceptional image as the unique watches impress lovers of luxury watches.


Seductress Time Heartbeat

Finding the name of any trademark is elusive but for Magellan has the clear choice and Magellan’s one of the first who sailed from Europe to Asia and vice versa, in order to discover the strait between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, which is now bears his name.

Magellan watches characterized by an attractive design with three traditional indicators refer to the sun above the Earth by keeping track of Longitude, which appears on the outer ring and completed the top of exclusivity in this three-dimensional and unique disk as well as self-movements of Mullah ETA2893.


The presence of four indicators represents an innovative system that is nested in the oval-shaped tray were provided Magellan watches are providing with Makatesm in every piece, along with the unique design of the Magellan watches