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Optima News

Indeed, it is good when any star suffered from withering period for to rebound strongly activities and shows again, this is what happened specifically with optima watches in the last fifteen years. Once again the brand to proceed strongly in the world watches industry.

It was founded in 1923 by Optima watches “Albert Grossenbacher” production was intended to provide high-quality Swiss watches automatic movement system, all components are manufactured at factories of Optima house.

The House has a good reputation, has become one of the 27 factories were joining the Ebauches SA Swiss watch group, suffered from deteriorating condition, Optima recession in certain period that came back strongly when purchased by GmbH in 1980.

And then subsequently entered into a new stage after the bought Wasfi Taher, worked to restore its position in the last ten years before the second show of the world in the Basel world fair for watches and jewelry at its previous session, the stage of Wasfi Taher is very important in the history of the trademark were almost forget before dominated by Wasfi Taher in 2003, Which was soon after that the establishment of a company “Riba for watches” as well Murex watches, and Wasfi Taher to expand commercial activities in order to restore the heritage and traditions of hours ago optima, possess the optima two ladies and men one derived designs of the latest fashion trends and the other was hours of diamonds, although the Murex group featuring modern contemporary vision, but the Optima Group is often the most elegant of the fact that it comes in unique designs.

Beauty lies in the Optima watches to concern of detail, it combines the contents of various materials to include a box of stainless steel and gold were disk-be set shiny strength time includes components of a variety of materials and precious stones in order to make the kind of impact on the port.