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About Us


S o u k | W a q e f

U m m S a i d S t o r e

Founded initially in Souk Waqef in 1958, the original Al Jaber  store was none other than the Umm-Said Store in Al Jesra. Its  founder, Mr. Yousef Jaber Mohamad Al Jaber, had a distinct  vision: to provide the finest quality of watches in Qatar. The  center had already gained a healthy reputation by the general  public for its extensive collection of stamps, watches and pens,  but fifty five years later, time has shaped Al Jaber Watches into  what it is today- the leading watch supplier in selection and  expertise.

Yousef Jaber Aljaber

T h e F o u n d e r
In 1958, I established Umm Said Store (AL JABER WATCHES), I was one of the first  traders In State of Qatar. At that time, there were limited number of shops specialized  In selling watches and stamps,this helped us In attracting more clients to buy  luxurious watches and famous PEN trademark (Parker). My goal was to make this  company a pioneer In Its field, which Incurred on me a lot of responsibilities to  achieve  this goal, and I had to present the best In tough situations to build strong  relation with  my clients.

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