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Aljaber Watches News

GF Ferre Watches An Icon Of Modern Life

Longer time as the icon of modern life, the Profitof Italian art known for its attractiveness and elegance, Captivates us with design stunning, as manifested creatively color selection to bestow on each piece spirit lively, and magic us lines expressive style innovative flawless, it’s also inspired by the attractive lifestyle and fun and has a designed renowned designers, where they combine creativity and experience in...
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Ditis Watches News

Ditis brand was founded in the early eighteenth century in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1894, and is one of the brands that signed (Ditisgein Paul’s) (1868-1945), which derived from it then dub Ditis heim (and it is one of the most famous watches makers in that period, and after graduating, he traveled abroad and then helped his father in his business manager and...
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Murex Watches In A New Global Concept

Feature ” Murex” from other high watches brands pioneering spirit and technical expertise design and is keen on the harmony with the rhythm of the times through the development of ideas of non-traditional to devise new models and policies refined and made a lot of efforts which usually is far from the aspirations of customers to a amaze him and take the shortest way to...
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Optima News

Indeed, it is good when any star suffered from withering period for to rebound strongly activities and shows again, this is what happened specifically with optima watches in the last fifteen years. Once again the brand to proceed strongly in the world watches industry. It was founded in 1923 by Optima watches “Albert Grossenbacher” production was intended to provide high-quality Swiss watches automatic movement system,...
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Jaguar Watches Launches Limited Number Soprod Automatic Transmission System

Dar Jaguar for hours was founded in 1938 in Switzerland, and its ownership transferred to the group of Vstina in 1989 and since it was founded characterized Jaguar products strength and elegance as well as its interest in passion and precision, Swiss precision and quality of the brand, Jaguar is synonymous with excellence and innovation that satisfies the ego Lovers luxury watches The Group provides...
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Arab Figures and Other Drawings Of Rose

Al Jaber watches exclusive agent for Magellan watches poses in a wide variety of the latest version of Magellan, including new model show the first time Arabic numbers which makes them increasingly glamorous and beautiful as well as the last model came decree attic fantastic Rod add to it more scintillating and attractions. And, the successes year is following year after year to become Magellan...
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Doxa News

Dar Swiss Doxa revealed the latest creations by launching a new group of watches Doxa Tlmitr at exhibition Basel and World Watch and Jewelry 2016 to write this new page of success and innovation in the history of well-known brand. Doxa has a rich history and a long from the world of luxury watches, where began its story in 1889 by its founder Georgios Dokmon...
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Armand Nicolet Poses Group Of New Royal ARC

History of Armand Nicolet watches return back to 1875 in Termalan, Armand son watchmaker was nimble in created and went ahead with the founding of the workshop has its own watch industries and then generations of family Nicolet inherited Business Administration until 1987 when the company combine with Roland Berga Italian businessman to this union to act as new era of strategic cooperation, which combine...
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Hysek Swiss Poses Watches of Furtif Skeleton Tourbillon

The idea of ​​ Hysek watches relying on high privacy and quality infinite for the details of watches, making it the focus of attention of lovers of beauty and scintillating, over the past three years, the leading brand Hysek evolved remarkably both in terms of the mechanism of movement and design or the techniques used and as a result Hysek has become one of the...
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Al Jaber watches is looking for future developments with Jovial administration Jovial watches is the first generation of watches represented by Al Jaber watches decades ago in Qatar and there is a strong relationship between Al Jaber Watches and brand Jovial Swiss, and on the sidelines of the Basel exhibition in 2015, Engineer Mohamed Al Jaber met with Jovial company administration and the meeting was...
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Al Makki jewelry and Al Jaber Watches recently launched  Frederique Constant smart watch at the press conference last week . The event was attended by Wiliams Besse ,The international Sales Manager of Frederique Constant  along with Mohamed Al Jaber and Emad Makki  and a large numbers of media  reports and guests . Speaking on the occasion ,Mohamed Al Jaber ,Chairman of Al Jaber watches said...
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Al Jaber Watches brings renowned Van Der Bauwede Brand to Qatar as exclusive agent. As a part of its ongoing business plan and commitment to clients to bring the latest watches & jewelries brands to Qatar, Al Jaber Watches recently brought renowned Van Der Bauwede watches to Qatar. Since its creation in 1890 by the founder Alexis Van Der, the name of Van Der Bauwede...
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Tejoore loyalty card

To Reward its customers and increase communication with lover of its global models, Al Jaber Watches launches Tejoore loyalty card with valuable rewards In order to complementing the success achieved through several models, which were lunched by the group and won the admiration and satisfaction of the its customers inside and outside Qatar, as well as the global-renowned agencies which the group won, Al Jaber Watches lunched its surprise for this summer as it issued the loyalty card “Tejoore” as the...
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Originality and modernity

Al Jaber Watches is committed to establish the values and traditions of the Qatari society through the organization of annual competition of the departed Yousef Jaberal-Jaber for the memorization of the Holy Quran, which has become increasing popular over the years with an increasing number of participants. In the meantime, the competition has been developed considerably by the organizers making it one of the most...
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Annual Assembly

Al Jaber Watches holds an annual assembly with its employees, where the distinguished and innovative got honoured. Such a meeting boosts the spirit of cooperation among the members of the upper management and the group staff. It is also considered an important occasion to exchange views and put solutions for all the issues facing employees to increase sales and upgrade the services offered to customers....
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