Magellan Watch was founded in 2000. The main idea was creating a watch unlike any other and inspired by a ship’s compass. The result was the Magellan 1521 watch featuring an astonishing design based on semi-spherical dial, hands and sapphire crystal – clearly evoking Magellan’s round-the-world voyage and driven by an innovative movement.

The first creation features a reproduction on the dial of a world map draw up in the age of discovery. The Magellan 1521 attracted due attention at the time of its launch and won an honourable second place in the jury prize of the 2003 watch of the year awards.

Finding a brand name is no easy task, but for Magellan watch, the choice was obvious. An illustrious navigator from the great age of discovery, Magellan was the first to sail his fleet from Europe to Asia via the western route, and to discover the straits between the atlantic and pacific oceans that now bear his name, he thereby demonstrated that the earth was indeed round – a discovery dating back to 1521 which is cleary evoked in the original and remarkably accomplished Magellan watch concept.